Packing For Different Destinations
Packing For Each Climate

Some packing will be the same at all times but some items needed to be added to your packing list or changed for each destination's climate. 

Sometimes when we travel we will deal with 2 or more different climates. You can visit two different countries, or even varying elevations in the same destination. Another example would be, when your home country is warm, but the destination where you’re traveling is cold.

One thing to keep in mind is packing too much, and having to pay high prices for extra luggage. Also, packing too much is annoying when you have to lug all that luggage around. A key for having to pack would be keeping materials in mind. Say if you are in a freezing climate, but traveling to a milder or even very hot climate, you're going to have to wear clothes to keep you warm up until you get on a plane and land, or on a cruise and to the warmer climate. Wearing a lightweight but warm jacket, with a long sleeve and tank top under that, as well as some leggings under jeans and warm socks before you get to the airport or cruise port. Remember to wear comfortable shoes but also shoes that are easy to slip on and off at the airport, for when you have to go through TSA. 

On this page you'll be able to find different climate information and packing lists that you can use for each climate.

Alaska Cruise Packing
May - September (Temps 50°- 70°)

Brrrr. This place is chilly even in summer. Even though the sun is out for 19 hours (bring eye masks for night unless you have an inside stateroom). It get's up to 70° though so don't forget to bring some t-shirts and shorts, especially if your used to cooler weather. Cotton is not something that you want to wear off the ship or when it's raining. It will stay wet and colder. Instead choose fleece lined waterproof pants. 

Rule #1: Layer!

Rule #2: Keep Your Feet Warm

Rule #3: Choose Mittens Over Gloves

Rule #4: Keep Your Head Warm

Rule #5: Keep Snow Out of Your Boots

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